Wednesday 27 November 2013

The Civil War Podcast

Here is a recommendation for all of you, who like me, enjoy listening to either historic Podcasts or audiobooks while painting miniatures.

I’ve been painting a lot of ACW this last year. When mapping out the project, I also scouted Itunes for a good Civil War Podcast, to accompany me through the many hours of work, and kind of set the background with a nice 1860’ies atmosphere.

The Civil War Podcast, by Colorado based Rich & Tracy, quickly became my favorite.
This Podcast is delivered in weekly slices of about 45 min, a very suitable bite in terms of processing and thinking about the information received.

The show runs with historical chronology of the war (We are about to touch on First Manassas!) and is presented in a very humble and respectful ambiance, with a clear feeling of well prepared story telling spiced up with anecdotes and quotes from actual soldiers and battles.

Each show deals with a particular subject, and is always wrapped up with a book recommendation for the particular subject of that week. So I also find it very giving in the sense of getting inspired to great books on the period.

Give them a listen, they have been the back drop to a lot of my recent painting.


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