Sunday 13 March 2016

Eagles of Empire Product Focus: BAVARIAN INFANTRY PACK

The box art for the Bavarian Infantry set of 16 minis.

After a very enjoyable Hamburger Tactica, seeing the launch and subsequent complete emptying of the Eagles of Empire products stock, it was time to launch the webshop.
I want to say a big THANK YOU  to all of you who have placed orders online and who came by to talk and get tempted at Tactica. Without your support the range would never have been possible to grow.

First 4 out of the 16. Here you'll find the drummer advancing with the troopers.

Fortunately, we're now in the opposite situation. We've almost sold our entire first production batch in less than 2 weeks after the official online launch. Amazing! All surplus funds have been allocated to new sculpting projects for Wave III coming in September. More about that later.

Second 4 out of 16. The Ensign is among the ranks. 
Bavarian flags will be coming soon to the webshop.

Now, I owe you all some good pictures of the Bavarian Boxed set of 16 minis.
Besides the 16 figures, you'll also find the two squad cards that goes with the coming Eagles of Empire rules.

Each Bavarian Infantry Box breaks down into:

- 1 Officer
- 1 Ensign
- 1 Drummer
- 1 13 Troopers
- 2 Unit Cards for the EoE rules

Third set of 4 out of the 16.
Here is a character cheering along his compatriots for the charge.

I know many of you have been wanting bayonets, particularly for the French, but to some extend also for the Bavarians. They will be casted later as an optional add on. The reason: We want to do production mould of 16 minis, since this fits with our modular squad rule system. If the rifles get too long, extended with long bayonets, the mould will only hold 12 minis max.

Last set of 4 out of the 16. 
The officer is easily recognizable with the slightly larger plume on the helmet.

Now as a little round of, I can mention that we are working on making flags also.
There will be two variations to choose from or to get as a set.

More updates to come soon.
Thanks for stopping by!