Sunday 29 September 2013

Prussian Guard Grenadiers 1870

The latest addition to the 1870 project.
A regiment of Prussian Guard Grenadiers with feldmutze.
Figs are North Star 1866, flags are GMB.

The Guards getting ready to storm St. Privat.

Detail: The North Star 1866 range offers high diversity to the range, and special character packages. For instance this Prussian soldier smoking on his pipe to calm his nerves while waiting in the charge.

Monday 16 September 2013

Wall set

Inspired by the classic defence of the town and church yard of St Privat, I bought this wall set at Salute 2011. Finally got around to painting it too...

A last stand...



Friday 6 September 2013

Battle Booklets

Just got these beauties in the mail. Finding such detailed and specialized books on specific battles and campaigns of the 19th century is a rare treat. The Continental Wars Society has published a range of high quality and very affordable booklets. 

Bought the following copies of the range:
- Montebello 1859
- The Battle of Nachod 1866
- Langensalza 1866
- The Royal Bavarian Army in the Campaign of 1866
- The Battle of Froeschwiller 1870

Containing uniform plates and detailed battle maps, these books are written by enthusiasts for enthusiast . To arrange the purchase, I've been in contact with the very helpful author of "Montebello" and the Society representative, Ralph Weaver, who can be contacted by way of e-mail on:

Now, I'm off to my couch with a cup of coffee and a good book!