Monday 14 November 2016

Newly Painted - Eagles of Empire Bavarians 1870-71

Kneeling trooper taking aim.
The orange cuffs indicates 12th IR.

As the heaviest snowfall in 100 years was recorded in Stockholm last week, I found myself for once with plenty of time at the painting table. Finally the Eagles of Empire Bavarian Infantry got some love from the brushes.

Bavarians heavily engaged against the famous Turcos
on the slopes at Woerth.

The boxed set of 16 minis includes an officer, drummer, ensign and 13 troopers all full of animation and Bavarian beards, prompted perhaps by a hearty consumption of Weißbier back in the South German kingdom.

No charge without a good tune!

I’m really happy with this set, and confess I have a weak spot for the cornflower-blue army. Having read H. M. Hozier’s account of the Bavarians’ storm on Bazeilles village during the Battle of Sedan, put them decidedly at the top of my sculpting list. 

Drink enough Bavarian beer,
and your facial hair will be just as prominent!

Before I serve a little background write-up on the Bavarians, let me just say that flags are coming to match this set. Hopefully released before Tactica! Now, here is a little history on the Bavarian Army of 1870-71.

Decorated Bavarian Officer

The Royal Bavarian Army formed a central part of Bismarck’s German coalition force. The South German state was the largest contributor of manpower beside the Prussians. With legendary generals, like Von der Tann, and key roles in battles like Wissembourg, Woerth and Sedan, the cornflower blue Bavarians made their own unique mark in the annals of the Franco-Prussian War.

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