Thursday 31 December 2015

New logo, new range and a Happy New Year!

Here is the logo and brand for the coming Franco-Prussian range:
Eagles of Empire Miniatures. (Logo design by French illustrator, Manu.)

Why this name? During the 19th. The seeds of democracy were swept across Europe with the winds of revolution, but so was nationalism and imperialism. All of them were factors leading to a period of immense bloodshed in World history. The Franco-Prussian War set this process in motion, with the Eagle of Imperial France posed against the Prussian Eagle, gathering all the German states under its wings. 

The Churchyard in St. Privat getting stormed by Prussian guardsmen.
The Battle of Gravelotte St. Private.

The result was a united German Empire, which would shift the balance of power in Europe dramatically. A military and political landslide, that would lead the World into two “Great” wars, as young democracies battled totalitarian governments for the direction of Europe. But it was also a colourful period. One often referred to as La belle époque. 

The World Exhibition in London 1851 ringing in many of the technological
discoveries that would shape the later half of the 19th. Cent.

It was a period of Emperors, Kaisers and Tsars. It was a time of marvellous Grand Exhibitions and fantastic technological progress. Steam powered industry gave rise to new mighty weapons, while the telegraph and railroads changed the way that wars would be lead – and won. It was a time when the old collided with the new on the battlefield. 

Steam Power gave birth to the rail roads.
This would forever change the way armies and supplies moved,
and be a factor that could win wars.

I wanted a brand name that would cover all the above and span the period of 1870-1915, which is my main interest in history. I hope you will all give this new brand a warm reception.

As a further update, I can say that work on the release of the Franco-Prussian range continues. All the basics like packaging, webshop and roll-ups for the launch venue are being designed. I’ll share most of it here in previews during the coming weeks.

A parisian boulevard during "La belle époque".
Paris ca. 1900.

However, as this year draws to a close, I’d like to thank some of the people who have made this project possible:

Robert – UK based sculptor, who not only does the amazing sculpting, but who also have been a fantastic advisor on how to construct the range, to optimized it for casting.

Nick – Bavarian based hobbyist and gifted painter. Many of you know his blog already. Those of you who don’t, go have a look. I’ve been painting for more than 25 yrs, and I still find myself learning from his amazing work.

Manu – French illustrator based in Alsace. Manu has supplied all the basic artwork, and took the project on with great enthusiasm. During his work on researching the uniforms, he has been collaborating with a local Alsacian Franco-Prussian reinactor club, spilling him all the hints on how the uniforms really looked like. He has done an amazing job. More on that right here on the blog in the coming weeks.

Gustave Eiffel's tower still stands tall - and so does Paris.
Goodbye 2015 - Happy 2016 everyone!

Thank you all for your invaluable support during the work on Eagles of Empire – and a big thank you to all the blog readers, for your continued interest in my postings.

I wish you all a safe and HAPPY 2016!

Tuesday 22 December 2015

NEW Franco-Prussian Range in 28mm!

A selection of the French Line Infantry miniatures. There will be 16 different sculpts in the WAVE 1 French Infantry pack. Above minis have been painted by the very skilled Nick over at the Moiterei blog.

For all you fellow Franco-Prussian War enthusiasts out there, here is a little something extra for Christmas. After 1,5 year of concept development and sculpting I’m finally able to introduce this ambitious range of crisply cast Franco-Prussian minis in 28mm, that I’ve developed in collaboration with the talented sculptor Ebob.

French Line Infantry receiving a charge by Prussian Cuirassiers.
The Battle of Mars-la-Tour 1870.

As many of my reader will know, the Franco-Prussian War stands out as one of my pivotal interests in military history. Why? Well, it created the foundation for German unification, shifted the European balance of power, and as in many other cases it ended with a peace settlement that could almost only lead to war.

Close-up on French Infantry Officer.
Thanks again to Nick for the beautiful painting.

The Great War was the result, which again lead to the Second World War and on to modern day democratic Europe. The Franco-Prussian War was the mother of all these events. With dramas like the siege of Paris and The Commune in its periphery, the Franco-Prussian War is an immensely interesting conflict historically, politically and military tactically.

Franc-Tireurs skirmishing in the Loire region.
The WAVE 1 releases will include Imperial as well as Republican phase miniatures.

To set this intense period alive on the gaming tables across the World, I took the help of UK-based sculptor, Ebob. Together with Bob, the highest quality in animation, crisp and painter-friendly sculpting has been achieved. Bob has been at it for well over a year, and the result is a modern sculpted range in 28mm, cast by on of the best companies in the industry – Griffin Moulds.


WAVE 1 packages will include:

- French Line Infantry – a.k.a “Lignards”.

- Prussian Infantry in summer uniforms

- Bavarian Infantry in summer uniforms

- Franc-Tireurs suited for the Loire and Paris/Marne campaign.

We’ve already got loads of other stuff in the pipeline for WAVE 2, like ready-cast historical terrain for the period and of course cavalry, guards, historical characters and artillery miniatures as compliments to the above. 

Franc-Tireurs on the left - Bavarian Infantry on the right.

Two Bavarian Infantrymen advancing.

Imperial German postcard showing the Battle of Wissembourg
and a Bavarian Infantry charge.

Another look at the Bavarian greens.

Franc-Tireurs with the "postal" hats skirmishing with
 the Bavarians during the Battle of Chateaudun.

Prussian Infantry green with the characteristic spiked "Picklehaube".

Prussian Infantry at the charge.

Another Prussian Green before final casting.


Many comprehensive rules already exist for large scale gaming in 28mm, covering that type of gaming nicely. That’s why we’ll be publishing a different kind, one putting your feet firmly on the ground as platoon commander. You’ll be commanding your squads armed with a fist of dice and some beautifully designed command character cards and troop unit cards with special ability profiles for different troop types. The rules will be very inspired by the fast playing, cards & miniatures-driven commercial games we’ve seen in the hobby over the last decade. More will come on the rules soon.

Name of the Range:

I’ll be posting our logo and the website address in January. The logo is pending final layout with the designer, so I’ll keep the actual name of the range and rules as a surprise for next month.

Launch Date:

We’re in the last phase of developing the packaging for WAVE 1, and the webshop is on track in development too. We aim at taking Pre-orders in February, which will be shipped out in April with a launch discount for the supporters. We also hope to be present at a few of the mayor European conventions next year, but that is unconfirmed at the moment.

That’s all for now – thank you for reading and supporting the blog during 2015.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy 2016 – see you all again in January!