Friday 30 August 2013


From the new exhibition at Les Invalides in Paris. This Carabinier cuirass was taken from the field of battle at Waterloo. Guess this poor fellow has sung his last vers of the Marseillaise...

Thursday 22 August 2013

Spahi project - 1870

Gathering inspiration for my coming Spahi unit.
These elite Arab horsemen were a part of the integrated African contingent in the regular French army of the Second Empire. They were courageous to the brink of madness, being the unit within the army awarded the most Legion D'honneurs.

I have bought some really nice arab horsemen from Artizans range that will serve the purpose. 
Can't wait to get started.

Wednesday 21 August 2013

7th Magdeburg Cuirassiers - 1870

The 7th Magdeburg Cuirassiers formed the core punch in the cavalry brigade participating in what would later be known as "von Bredows Death Ride", as they desperately tried to cover the Prussian left flank by attacking French artillery and infantry head on at the battle of Mars-la-Tour on August 16th 1870.

This probably being one of the last times in recorded history when heavy cavalry played a significant and splendorous role on a battlefield, as well as one of the only battles to my knowledge in the campaigns of August 1870, when the French actually outnumbered the Prussian - but still lost the day...

Figures are from the Foundry Franco-Prussian range.

Prussian Guard Grenadiers - 1870

This is the first in a planned series of many Franco-Prussian units in my paint shop.
Couldn't resist the all new GMB flags, and nice Northstar figs.
Will give them some French counterparts soon in the form of Spahi cavalry. Exotic.

20th Massachusetts - "The Harvard Regiment"

Finished my conversion of Perrys ACW Early Federal Militia to get the right feel and character on this regiment. The nick name "The Harvard Regiment" was accredited due to the large amount of Harvard students in the ranks.

The regiment was spearheading the action into Fredericksburg on December 11th 1862, and here depicted in winter uniforms.

The idea to model this particular regiment was inspired by the "Fire on Caroline Street" painting by Don Troiani.