Tuesday 26 July 2016

Francs-Tireurs de la Presse: Boxed set of 16 minis – Teaser

Box art for the coming Francs-Tireurs set of 16 minis.

While enjoying an almost tropical 28 degrees in Stockholm, last week finally saw the confirmation of production and delivery of Wave II for the Eagles of Empire range.

The next two boxed sets of 16 minis, set for release in the EoE web shop late August, will be Prussian Infantry in summer uniforms, and the illustrious Francs-Tireurs. 

While we wait for the casting to be completed, I thought we could take a sneak peak at the Francs-Tireurs box to pass the time.

Bugler along with the skirmishing Francs-Tireurs.

The Francs-Tireurs de la Presse was, as the name indicates, men of the printing press equipped and armed to fight with the Republican army against the German invasion of France in 1870-71. They earned fame while defending the town of Châteaudun during the Loire Valley Campaign late 1870.

Closeup on the bugler and a trooper loading.

The heroic defence of the town's streets and barricades, and the resilient skirmishing of the Francs-Tireurs fighting alongside the local Fire Brigade, lead to the Town of Châteaudun getting awarded with Légion d’Honneur.

Francs-Tireurs questioning a German Uhlan prisoner.

The box will contain 16 large scale 28mm miniatures divided onto 14 troopers, one officer and one bugler. As all Eagles of Empire Miniatures boxed sets, they will come with an illustrated uniform painting reference on the back of the box, and with two unit cards for use with the coming EoE Rules.

The heroic defence of Châteaudun in October 1870.

Shortly it will be time to announce the boxed sets we decided to do as part of Wave III (projected for release before Christmas this year). So, stay tuned for more EoE updates, and I wish you all a wonderful summer!