Monday 25 November 2013

Gettysburg - Pickett’s Charge

The Virginians press forward under heavy fire

In the wake of almost unbroken success against the yanks, Lee endeavored to risk it all in a gamble to finally beat the Union Army on it’s own ground, and a chance at gaining the recognition of foreign powers, that could lead to Southern independence.

His idea was, after the previous days focus on Little Round Top, Devil’s den on the right flank, to break what now was presumed to be the weakened Union line in the center, and roll up their formations as he did with Jackson at Chancellorsville.

Many regiments would suffer unrepairable casualties of +50%

This fatal charge would be carried out over open ground, affording the Union guns and units under General Hancock excellent aim at the approaching rebels.
The ”honor” was given some of the South’s most valiant warriors – the Virginians of Pettigrew, Trimble, and Pickett.

From their position on Cemetery Ridge, the 12.500 Virginians rose up, and to the words ”Forward, you free men of old Virginia”, they started this suicidal march over open ground straight at loaded guns and prepared positions. 

"Lo" Armistead with the iconic hat on the point of his saber

Suffering more than 50% casualties, the Virginians almost took the position on what was to be remembered as “The Angle”. The Union line wavered for a few minutes, but reinforcements was pouring in, and casualties on the rebel side was too high to sustain momentum. Terrible casualties were suffered. Among the dead or dying was the brigadier general Lewis Armistead, who lead the final closing charge at the head of the 57th Virginia. Armistead has been depicted many times over (personal favorite is the paintings of Don Troiani), and even portrayed on film, gallantly carrying out this charge with his hat on his saber. 

After the failed charge, Lee is said to have asked Pickett's to gather his division in case of a Union counter attack - to which Pickett, allegedly all teary eyed, replied: "Sir, I have no division".

 For those interested in the battle of Gettysburg I can really recommend the visually impressive “Gettysburg”, starring among others Tom Berenger as Longstreet and Martin Sheen as R.E. Lee.


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