Friday 13 December 2013

Scanian War Danes

Dronningens Livregiment (Queen's Guard)

Using a batch of Warefare Miniatures I've put together this Danish unit for our Scanian War skirmish game "Snapphanar".

The Scanian War 1675-79 was fought mainly due to Denmark contesting the recent Swedish conquest of the eastern Danish provinces, what is today southern Sweden.
After a Danish invasion force of some 15.000 troops of all weapons landed on the Swedish coast 1676, the main battles were fought in the region of Skåne or "Scania - hence the name of the conflict".

Jyske Nationale Rytterregiment (Jutland Cavalry Reg.)  

Battles like Lund, Halmstad and Landskrona were fought out with both the Danish and Swedish kings present on the battlefields. The stakes were high, and the young Swedish king would win his fame (and consolidate his crown and heritage land) by time and again leading from the very front, taking his guard cavalry units into the midst of the fighting.

The Queen's Guard - uniforms then and more recent.

Uniformation was still in it's infancy, leading to confusion as many Swedish and Danish units would look alike. However, many units got more conformed as the conflict went on.


  1. They really look like some tough nuts to crack. Great painting!

  2. No problem for the Dalregemente to crack those nuts;)

    Splendid painting Sören ! it will be very nice to see them on the gaming table on monday .

    Have a realy nice weekend !

    Best regards Michael

  3. Beautiful units, I love the Jyske Nationale Rytterregiment !

  4. Great paintjob on very nice miniatures.

  5. Very well painted, they look pretty cool!!

  6. Very nice Søren! They look suitably evil for Danish troops ... ;)

    The horses came out great I think.

    Looking forward to joining in on this fun projects with a game or two during the next year.

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