Saturday 7 May 2016

Prussian boxed set of 16 minis - Teaser

The final Prussian box art.
Prussian trooper uniform plate by Manu Krommenacker.

Dear readers, after what seems like aeons of time I return to you with a small teaser on the coming Prussian boxed set of 16 minis for the Eagles of Empire range.

Since the official launch at this year's Hamburger Tactica, more releases have been brewing.
More miniatures are being developed, and the Eagles of Empire Rules are going through some rigorous playtesting. But more on that later.

Sculpting is coming along nicely.
As with the Bavarians, we've opted for the Prussians to have an advancing/attacking pose.

As with the other boxed sets in the Eagles of Empire range, the Prussian Infantry box will also contain 16 minis, incl. officer, bugler/drummer and ensign. All you need to portray the Prussian Infantry of 1870, whether you're doing a small collection for skirmishing games or a larger multi-based collection for bag battalion battles. And let me add, that mounted officers will come as add ons later. They're in the sculpting pipeline.

More updated to come soon on the French irregulars boxed set, the Franc-Tireurs, which is being developed and sculpted for a launch parallelly to the Prussians.

Thanks again to all who supported the range so far.
It's been a fantastic experience to receive so much backing from all parts of the World.
Your kind contributions will be repaid in coming product launches.

Thank you all for reading!


  1. Great looking boxart and figures!


  2. I feel a new skirmish period coming on???

  3. I like the dynamic poses. Great figures!

  4. Great figures! I already have bought some French and Bavarian miniatures, very well sculpted! Any change you're going to launch some Zouaves?

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