Sunday 10 January 2016

NEW Franco-Prussian Range – more Greens and Box Art previewed!

New Greens. Left to right:
Bavarian, Prussian and Franc-Trieur de la Presse.

Dear blog followers and fellow Franco-Prussian enthusiasts. I return with more pictures fresh from the sculpting table. Also. this time we focus on the coming Bavarian Infantry box.

Preview: Bavarian box art
16 miniatures in each box. Retail prices will be disclosed shortly.

Each box of Bavarians will include 16 miniatures.
1 officer
1 drummer
1 ensign
13 troopers

The box will also contain a beautifully printed 4-color unit card with the specific unit’s stats. The unit card is a gaming tool, and fits with the coming Eagles of Empire rulebook, which we will preview later on this blog. 

Another view of the new Greens.
Ebob did a cracking job on the details.

The basic unit in the Eagles of Empire rules is a squad of infantry squad. Each squad will be made up by 16 minis, which is what you get in one package. So, the design of the rules will be modularly aligned with how you’re able to build your force.

Bavarian trooper.
Illustration by Manu.
Copyright Eagles of Empire.

The packaging has been designed by yours truly, with illustrations supplied by skilled French graphic artist, Manu. Manu collaborated closely with a Strasbourg-based reenactment group for his work on the uniform plates. Please enjoy.

Bayonets will be available in each pack, giving each collector maximum
options for diversity and animation of the collection.

Next week I will publish our exact release venue and date, which will be in late February. The Eagles of Empire Webshop will go LIVE at the same time as the launch venue, so overseas clients will also be able to get their hands on some of the first packs.

Much more to come here in the blog in the next few week. Be safe out there and stay tuned for further updates.

Warm regards from a snowy Scandinavia,


  1. Very nice figures - well-researched and sculpted. Thanks for the update, Soren!

  2. Good looking minis! Look forward to see more of these!

  3. Very nice and impressive sounding project

  4. That is a really nice boxcover. And nice minis too :)

  5. Looking good! I look forward to the release!

  6. Excellent, great looking figures!

  7. Great sculpting, Soren! Manu's Bavarian uniform plate is outstanding.

  8. Damn you! I have to much to paint already!

    No, but that looks excellent, I really look forward to seeing them "in the flesh" =)
    (And if you want to play something, send me a message somewhere!)

  9. They look like really nice sculpts! And great artwork too. Looking forward to see more. /Mattias

  10. Great news Sören! Really looking forward to this.

  11. Really nice. Interested in your rule system but will there be any way of expanding units beyond 16 so that one can use other rules ? Having only single command figures is perhaps a bit limiting for those who seek to ply using existing rule-sets. Having said that I would welcome some sense of how the rules will play out.
    Jon M

  12. Exellent progress with your project matey!!!

  13. Looking forward to release, can't wait to get my hands on some Bavarians.

  14. Soren,

    This is my favourite period and I love the look of the miniatures, but two things concern me:

    Packaging the figures in sets this way is very limiting
    Gluing bayonets onto metal figure will not only be a chore, but they will damage so easily in play.

  15. This all looks very nice indeed Sören. Looking forward to seeing more.

  16. Looks to be a very impressive line!


  17. Awesome Soren! They look excellent. Bavarians in a box - just what this FPW gamer needs!

  18. Soren,

    Excellent figures!

    Are the bayonets and musettes supposed to be in the boxes? The two packs I bought at Tactica didn't include them (neither did the two one of my friends bought) so I suppose we'll have to get them separately? No big problem but where can we get them?

    1. Hi Willie, and thanks for your purchase at Tactica! We had to place the bayonets in production queue. A lot of minis are being produced at the moment due to Salute (not only by EoE, but all producers), so they will come later. I'm going to release them with Wave II in May if all goes well.