Saturday 23 January 2016

Imperial French Line Infantry box previewed

The actual miniatures in a boxed set.
16 French minis forming a skirmish line
 as they receive the German onslaught.

Dear readers, the clock is ticking down fast towards the Eagles of Empire webshop launch on Friday the 26th February. Being a brand new company, Eagles of Empire was fortunate enough to also get a table at the Hamburger Tactica show on the 27th and 28th, giving anyone at the show a chance to see the Wave 1 figures in the flesh. 

Artwork for the Imperial French Line Infantry box.

For those not so lucky as to be at Tactica, I want to make a thorough presentation of what Wave 1 products are being stocked now for the launch. First off, we take a closer look at the 16 different minis in the standard French Line Infantry box. Before getting my camera out, I took a set and washed then down with Nuln Oil, to give you an indication of the incredibly crisp level of details sculptor Ebob managed to get in there.

French "lignard"
Illustration by Manu.
Copyright Eagles of Empire Miniatures.

'The basic set of 16 French Line Infantry will consist of:

- Officer

- Ensign

- Bugler


- 6 sitting shooting/loading

- 6 standing shooting/loading

The box will also contain Unit Cards for the coming Eagles of Empire Rules.
Now to the minis:


Kneeling, firing - no moustache

Standing loading - no moustache

Kneeling, loading - no moustache

Standing, loading - beard


Standing, firing - moustache

Kneeling, firing - moustache

Standing, firing - no moustache

Kneeling, scouting for target - moustache


Kneeling, searching cartridge pouch


Kneeling, loading - no moustache

Standing, firing - moustache

Standing, searching cartridge pouch

Thank you very much for stopping by the blog.
Next up a size comparison of the Eagles of Empire range with other ranges!


  1. Outstanding sculpting, Soren! You should be very proud of this line of figures.

  2. Looking forward to when the shop is set up. What kind of price are we looking at for these guys?

    1. Thanks Moody - the shop is coming along nicely, and the RRP will be 21 GBP or around 30 USD for a box of 16 minis and Unit Cards for the coming rules.

    2. Thank you. No a bad price for what you get. I have a few friends who are intrestined in getting together some figs and playing this era.Can you recommended any good video docs or books in English?
      My High school German is lacking, and my French is horrible.
      And Another Question, are there planes for Artillery, and cavalry units?

    3. Yeah, we wanted pricing to be attractive to get the snowball rolling. The EoE range is all about spreading the knowledge about this dramatic chapter in European history, as it fathered both WW1 and 2 in a way.

      Reg. docs, I'd give youtube a go, there is a few good ones there!
      Books: For light digestion I'd recommend the Osprey books on Gravelotte St. Privat and the Franco-Prussian War. On the heavier end, Quintin Barry has published some great, and very comprehensive books, on both the Imperial and Republican phase. Those are available on Amazon, just search for the author's name.

      Wave 2 and 3 will include both artillery and cavalry - plus we're putting out historically accurate terrain based on research of the actual battlefields :0)
      If you're a group of guys wanting to start up the period, drop me an e-mail (sorenralph x and I'll set you up with some group discounts, plus put you on the list for pre-order deals.

    4. Very nice. I will run the idea by them, and see if their money is where their mouth is.

  3. Those are superb looking miniatures Soren. Good luck next weekend!

  4. As you already know, I really love them! Looking forward to Tactica.

  5. Really beautiful sculpts! /Mattias

  6. The figures look verry good.You can be sure that i will by a Box from the French,German and Bavarian at the Tactica.
    And i hope you make in the near future more figures to sell.
    Maybe in marchingpose,advancingpose,cavalry,artillery and ,and and :-)

    1. Thanks for the kind words on the minis! Wave 2 and 3 will include some of the things on your wish list, and... period accurate terrain :0)

    2. Thats the news we want hear about :-)
      Thanks and regards Dirk

  7. Good, no.. GREAT stuff!
    Lots of thumbs up for showing of the minis just black washed.

  8. Very nice poses for skirmishing.

  9. hi.I am interested in franco prussian war.And I got some wargame foundry range years ago.I would like to know about the size comparison

  10. Marvellous looking minis, so finely sculpted! Congratulations!

  11. Looking forward to the preorder phase... I love the uniforms on both sides of this conflict!


  12. They look very nice indeed Sören!

  13. My word they are very nicely detailed miniatures indeed!

  14. Outstanding sculpts and great poses, they look superb!

  15. Lovely. I'll be ready with my credit card for when your shop opens.

  16. Lovely. I'll be ready with my credit card for when your shop opens.

  17. I have over 1000 25-30mm FP War figures so a few more will be very welcome. My only concern is the Chassepot looks a bit short your photos.