Tuesday 2 June 2015

Robotech - a faiblesse for Mecha!

Dear readers, just a short message to give a heads-up to any fans of the classic 80ies Robotech series. I'm starting a collection in conjuncture with the release of the Robotech RPG Tactics 6mm miniatures game from Palladium.

A "Veritech Valkyrie" fighter defending Earth.

For anyone who grew up in the 80ies, like yours truly, Robotech represented something completely new. This show WAS my Saturday and Sunday mornings, as it was lovingly broadcasted to Denmark via SKY-TV and the DJ-Kat Show from the UK. I was dutifully up at 07.00 am awaiting the inferno of Mechas fighting of aliens in the struggle for domination over our planet.

Some of the Miniatures for the game.
Palladium have really done a nice job on these!

Of course getting this game and painting up these minis is just one big cool trip down a nostalgic memory lane, but I would also highlight the very high quality of the minis produced by Palladium. They've done a great job, and from what I've painted so far, I've really had a great experience.

The Robotech RPG Tactics game box.

I will not be posting this collection on the Black Powder Games history blog, as I like to keep a tight format in respect for my followers. So, if you're like me, and have a sore spot for cool Mecha, then drop over to my second blog and list up as follower.



  1. Whoah - you caught me off guard with this post, Soren. Although I was sure you had a much varied gaming background, this is very unexpected following on the heels of so much historical works. Interesting indeed!

    1. Haha, the old history nerd had an ace up the sleeve :0) Well, the nostalgia factor was through the roof and the minis and rules are fantastic, so I simply had to...

  2. I think many of us have interests other then historical. While I prefer historical I do have other interests in fantasy, zombies, pulp, VSF etc. It looks like you will be having lots of fun!


    1. Cheers Christopher, I'm already finding these manga mechas a nice diversion in the steady stream of 15/28mm historical minis crossing the painting desk. I'm with you on the PULP gaming, that stuff has a definite charm of its own!

  3. I've been very tempted to jump into this game, but we all have only so much time for so many projects. I'll definitely jump over and live vicariously through your other blog.:-)