Friday 4 October 2013

St Petersburg Grenadiers

Managed to finish up the first of the Russian units for my Borodino Collection.
The St Petersburg Grenadiers saw action at Borodino as part of the center-left of
the Russian position. A crutial part of the Russian defense as Napoleon was looking to out flank his opposition.

  Like a few other characters in history Napoleon bit of more than he could chew in the Russian campaign of 1812. Looking for a fight that would thwart the Russian forces, he got it on 7th September 1812 in the battle of Borodino or the battle for Moscow as the French call it.
For those interested in the battle I can really recommend the "Borodino" book from Histoire & Collections.

 The book offers excellent uniform plates and in depth description of the armies
and the battle it self. Picked up my copy at Salute 2 years ago, think it was Caliver who sold it.


  1. Very nice unit. And yes, those books are quite good.

  2. Greate Paint work !!!

    Best regards Michael

  3. Oh, those are lovely – great painting!

  4. Thanks everyone! It's a first of many units to come in the 1812-project. Got inspired by the bicentennial last year (as I imagine many did) and have a heap of Victrix, Perry, Foundry and Front Rank to work my way through... just bought some Warlord Vistula Legion as well. Those should be in the mail during next week. Will publish a little review on them when they arrive. Cheers

  5. Excellent looking grenadiers!

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