Thursday, 11 May 2017

TEASER: New French Hussars coming soon. Pre-Order will open next week!

French Hussars of 1870 in all their Imperial glory.
Depicted here is a trooper of the famous 2nd Hussars who gallantly charged in the greatest melee in Europe, during the battle of Mars-la-Tour.

The boxed set will contain officer, bugler, trooper carrying the colors and 3 other charging hussars. 6 riders in total to the box.


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    1. Thx buddy - hopefully we'll find time for a game soon!

  2. This look great! I just received my order of French infantry and was very impressed by them!
    Well looks like my wallet will have to show the same elan as the 2and hussars!

    1. The French were the first box we produced, and kinda holds a special nostalgia to me with the many paintings of Detaille and Neuville as inspiration. I'm really glad you liked them and hope you'll enjoy painting them - thank you for your kind support of the range!

      PS: we're working on bayonets for the French infantry at the moment, should be out in the webshop same time as the Hussars.

  3. Отличный гусар получился!

  4. Beautiful sculpts and great paint job! /Mattias

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    1. Thx Frank! Pre-Order will open during the weekend :0)