Thursday, 4 May 2017

10% Discount on ALL products in the Eagles of Empire Webshop

The IR69 charges up the road towards the French
 defensive position at the St. Hubert farm.

Celebrating the release of the new Prussian infantry characters, the Eagles of Empire
webshop offers a 10% discount on ALL products until Sunday the 14th May.

Inspired by the famous Carl Röchling painting "The death of Mayor von Halden" we've sculpted the Mayor as he leads the IR69 (Rhineland infantry) forward to charge the French defensive position around the St. Hubert Farm during the Battle of Gravelotte-St-Privat in 1870.

A closer look at the wounded Mayor von Halden.

Only moments after the depicted scene, the Mayor suffered a direct chassepot hit to his chest, killing him instantly. The IR69 suffered some 300 casualties during the charge, along with 2/3 of its officers.

In memory of the gallant Mayor, you can now go to the Eagles of Empire webshop and get a 10% discount on ALL products in the shop, using the coupon "Halden" during your check-out.

A little selection of the Eagles of Empire Franco-Prussian War range.

Cavalry is up next!
Pre-orders will open in mid-May, but we'll have more on that soon.
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