Friday, 19 May 2017

French Hussars of 1870 - Pre-Order Deal now open!

Pre-Order now OPEN!

After months of sculpting and working on illustrations for box art and the uniform plate, its finally time to start production. A big thank you to Ebob and Manu for their work. Not only will the box contain some very cool and differently animated riders, bugler, standard bearer and officer, but also boast 6 different horses to give your unit the most realistic look.

Trooper of the 3rd Regiment.
The box will contain 6 differently posed horses.

For the moment we expect to launch the French Hussars 1870 box in mid-August, pending casting and production of packaging. But, for those who can't wait that long, there is a Pre-Order Deal saving you 20% on the price and allowing you to get your hands on the first batch in June. 

Ebob outdid himself on the officer.
Who wouldn't follow this guy in a dashing charge?

The Pre-Order Deal will end on Sunday the 18th June, so if you want to paint some French Imperial Hussars while your friends are at the beach getting toasted, don't hesitate to grab this deal while its on.

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  1. These are lovely looking figures. Will it be possible to buy sets of rank and file separately from the command eventually? I have 12 figure regts and don't really want 6 command figures and 6 troopers in each.

    But, these wonderful figures and great range, thank you.

    1. Hi John, yes we might very well do this with all coming cavalry sets - larger units are always impressive and the imperial French uniforms of this period would definitely be a visual treat in a bigger format! What rules will you be using for this size of unit?