Wednesday 23 April 2014

Agema Republican Romans - A Review

Strike a pose! Figure from the command metal blister. 

Admittedly Republican Romans have nothing to do with black powder wargaming, if not perhaps for the lead they allegedly used as seasoning(!) on their food in ancient Rome.

As mentioned, I allowed myself one off the chart and out of project context purchase at Salute.
When looking at Agema's blog in the weeks leading up to the London show, it became clear that their new Republican Roman plastics would be that particular one.

Nicely done: The front side of the box 

Lovely layout on 4 color box. The back offers text explaining the different troop types and their tactical role on the battle field. I love that kind of stuff, gets your imagination going. Nice!

Back side of the box.
Examples of figures and text to cover the troop types.

Being a plastic sprue from talented Rendera, it offers considerable quality and the much appreciated natural style sculpting. Details are crisp and clear, even on feathers, weapons etc.

The Legionaries spure

The figures measure 28 mm from foot to eye. 30 mm from foot to top of the head.
Tall, slender and natural looking figures.
I'm not sure how they'd mix with earlier metals from other makes, but I'm sure they will blend nicely with Warlord and coming Punic range from Victrix.

A box of 40 plastics would set you back by GBP 25,00.
Thats GBP 0,62 per figure. Not bad at all, but such are the pleasures of plastic.
Metal blisters are prices at GBP 6,00 for packs of 4 (GBP 1,50 per figure)
And GBP 10,00 for packs of 8 (GBP 1,25 per figure)

Selected miniatures from the command blisters

At the moment Agema offers a boxed set of 40 Legionaries (16 Hastati, 16 Principes and 8 Triarii), boxed set of 16 Velites, two metal blister of commands, slinger, leves, archer and a blister of penal legionaries. Also they've announced an "action pose" blister pack of legionaries to add extra animation in the ranks. They're to off to a good start in other words. On their website they mention future plans of Carthaginians, different allies and the coveted war elephants.

Close up of the packaging: the different troop types.

Agema offers a modern and very nicely done website with online shop, pictures of painted models, articles and a connection to their Facebook site. In addition the products them selves come in cool packaging with historic info. A very decent job indeed. 

Command figure from the back. 
Clear details makes painting so much more enjoyable.

Agema brings to market excellently sculpted miniatures, and range comprising core troops in affordable plastic sprue (allowing gamer to really build those armies without the wife getting cranky), and command plus more exotic units in metal blister. The range seems to be be in expansion and is supported by a good online resource in their company website and Facebook.
What's not to like?

I'll reserve the 10 points for that war elephant then :0)

Thank you for reading!


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers Phil, hopefully we will not have to wait too long for shield transfers from Agema. Seems LBMS will only apply to Victrix.

  2. Great review!

    I'm not sure about the figures as I prefer a more "bulky" figure like Aventine's which are my absolute favourite. These Agema figures look closer to 1/72 in style, but the plastics do look very cleanly cast which is important and actually in better proportion then their metal command. I understand cost is a big factor and so they do make an attractive alternative to Aventine, but then again so do Victrix. I'd like to see the Victrix and Agema given a side by side comparison and review.


    1. Thanks for the feed back Chris! I follow your point on the Victrix figures. I'll compare these once the Victrix set is released - saw pictures of their coming Carthaginians at Salute, big yum yum. Bulky vs Slender - its really a personal taste. And you've read me like a book - I actually started out painting Revell 1/72 SYW back in 1992, so it's no surprise I'm a big fan of plastics:0) My friend Björn (who inspired me to start painting the Punic period) has a wonderful collection based on Aventine, and those are really nice too.

  3. Thanks Andrew, kind of you to add the google+!

  4. Very useful review! I prefer metals as well but with the explosion of plastics in 28mm, I may have to give some of these a try. Victrix's recent announcement of Romans is intriguing as well.

    1. The few pictures I've seen so far from Victrix look amazing! Plastics also bring the added value of easy conversions. As you say, it certainly has been an explosion these last few years. Anyone remember who came out there first with plastics in 28 mm - Perry, Victrix, Warlord or someone different all together?

  5. Great review and great painting on the command figure!

    1. Cheers Jonas, can't wait to see some of those Foundry gendarmes after they've been by your painting table! A really nice buy those ones were.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Micke - working on a unit to bolster the Rep Roman ranks at our next Punic War game!

  7. Lovely painting and review! I hope we get to see more Punic Wars painting as I could use the inspiration.

    1. Cheers Monty! I think we'll find some additional inspiration in the many new product launches coming this year for the period in question. Can't wait for those Carthaginians.

  8. Just when you tell yourself that you'll stay focused on one project, along comes something like this.

    Damn, but they are nice sculpts!

    1. I know exactly what you mean Evan. I'm actually starting to understand and sympathize with my fiancé's shoe-fetiche - sadly a fully comparable condition to what I'm currently experiencing with my hobby...

  9. pretty nice blog, following :)

  10. Thanks for the great review! I've posted a link to it on our facebook page too (hope you don't mind?) That's a great paint-job on the Tribune I must say. We'll have some more releases coming soon - hope you like them as much as the first tranche!
    Greg - Agema Miniatures

    1. My pleasure Greg, thanks for mentioning my blog on your FB! Looking very much forward to any releases coming up from Agema!