Thursday, 28 December 2017

Eagles of Empire Miniatures wishes you all a Happy New Year!

A sneak peak at what's to come in 2018
Zouaves and Turcos

Dear fellow wargamers and Franco-Prussian enthusiasts, as 2017 is fast coming to an end, it’s time to take a look at this amazing year at Eagles of Empire Miniatures. At the same time, I think it’s in order to also look forward into 2018, and get a little sneak peak at all the great things in stall for the many loyal customers and newcomers to our range.

2017 – The EoE range got it’s own set of rules, and expanded to include cavalry
Since we released the rules in Mid-2017, wargamers from all parts of the World have picked up copies, read, played and e-mailed us their feed back. THANK YOU to all of you, who took time to put your gaming experience into words, it seems like you’re all having a lot of great and dynamic games out there. Keep the e-mails coming!

The heroic vignette of Berbegier,
 as he is rallying the French line outside Gravelotte.

These last 12 months also saw EoE try something new – Cavalry. French Hussars were the first out. A great box with 6 individually sculpted horses for that true animated feeling. Also we launched a couple of new historical characters, like Berbegier, as well as the more goory bayonet expansion with casualties. Finally, with the help from our French illustrator, Manu, we got the first historical unit flags out there, starting with the famous 70th and 18th line. Looking back at 2017, we can only be happy with the range taking such huge steps forward. But, we’re just getting started. 2018 will be even better…

Von Halden leading the Prussian infantry to the charge

New Releases coming in JAN-FEB 2018
For those of you paying our FaceBook page a visit now and again, this will be no surprise. EoE will be kicking off 2018 with a triple release, adding the Imperial French Zouaves of Napoleon III, the feared and seasoned Turcos and finally Von Bredow’s boy – Prussian Cuirassiers ready for yet another death ride at Mars-La-Tour. Keep your eyes on the FaceBook page, more pictures will be posted there, as we go from master casting on to production mould in early 2018. 

The EoE skirmish rulebook launched in mid-2017

EoE on YouTube 
Yes, we are making good progress on setting up a YouTube Channel, dedicated to dealing with the EoE rules, Unit Cards and Doctrines. Might be one or two painting tutorials and battlefield walks too, let’s see. But, mainly the channel will run through the EoE rulebook, with a video of about 5-10 minutes, dealing with each chapter. The channel will give all you supporters a forum to ask questions, while watching examples played out, on how to use specific doctrines or play-throughs of historical scenarios. The channel will also have a range of un-boxing videos with products from the EoE range, giving you all a closer look at the products and what you get in each set. We expect the channel to air around mid March, and will keep posting on this matter, as we enter 2018.

It's official... New EoE YouTube channel will be coming in 2018

Coming releases for mid-late 2018
You’ve all been asking for some time now, so I thought this might be a good time to confirm it. Yes, mid-2018 will finally see the dashing French Cuirassiers, most likely dashing into a headless charge saving MacMahon’s behind yet again. But, you may also be on the lookout for the coming Winter Characters. The rough fighting in late 1870 and early 1871 saw the remnants of the French army dress up in sheepskins and scarfs to fight both the German Coalition and the bitter cold. This will be address as a set of expansions, to mix up with your ranks and create that feeling of bitter winter fighting. 

Loads of new metal will hit the range in 2018.
We kick off the year with the much expected Zouaves and Tucos double release!

On the publication side of things, we’re looking two new releases – a cavalry rulebook packed with beautiful imagery from the period and background info on historical units, but also the first in a series of Scenario books. Play though historical battles, broken down into a story line with sequences, and carry over individual game winnings as “tactical upper hand” in your next game. Sound interesting? Much more to come here on the blog, on the YouTube and finally as always on our FaceBook page.

A first glimpse at the coming Prussian Cuirassiers.
Von Bredow will be among their ranks.

Before we wrap up this year, I really want to thank all the many customers and gaming clubs supporting the range during 2017. It’s been an incredible ride, with much more to come. Your continued interest in EoE is the fuel that will keep the fire burning.

EoE wishes you all a happy and peaceful 2018!!!

For more info please visit our website of Facebook page


  1. Great looking sculpts!

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thx Jon - happy new year to you too. Hoping 2018 will be an interesting year in the Tour de France (almost got interesting with Froome overdoing it on the asthma meds)

  2. Splendid figures as always, Happy New Year!

    1. Merci Phil! Finally I get the Zouaves and Turcos with the extra large back packs, as seen so many times in the paintings from the period :0)

  3. Great to hear you've had a good first year and the new releases for next year look excellent:)

    1. Thank you Steve, yeah the rulebook was really well received - and we couldn't had hoped for better feed back from the many gamers who tried it.

  4. A very Happy New Year to you as Well!


  5. I saw in Stockholm in the museum of army. Very much figures for this period have impressed!

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