Friday, 21 October 2016

NEW in the Web Shop: Francs-Tireurs of 1870-71

Painted examples from the new boxed set of Francs-Tireurs.

Finally the boxed sets of the Eagles of Empire Miniatures Wave II are here and available in the web shop! A very big THANK YOU to all who was kind enough to place pre-orders, a practice we will be repeating when it's time for the cavalry to come galloping in with Wave III (spoiler alert)

First of in Wave II, I'd like to focus on the French irregulars. To set the stage and get your creative sparks flying, I've compiled some of the background history of the feared and illusive Francs-Tireurs. 

Artwork on the box - 16 minis included along
with unit cards for the coming EoE Rules.

The word ”Franc-Tireur” originally meant sharpshooter or sniper, and can be traced back to the Napoleonic era and the days of the French Revolution. In the autumn of 1870 however, after the capture of Napoleon III and the fall of the 3rd Empire, the newly formed Republic needed manpower to fight off the German occupation. As a consequence, a large range of irregular light infantry units got drafted from the mass of reservists, labour unions, rifle clubs and even the postal service. These were the Francs-Tireurs of 1870-71.

Another example of the many historical 
options you have with this box.

As the defence of the Republic started to get organized in late 1870 under the Levée en Masse (Universal Conscription) the Francs-Tireurs got integrated into the army under command of the respective Generals, and served in battles both in Loire, around Paris and near the boarder in Alsace-Lorraine.

Francs-Tireurs skirmishing with the German occupation forces.

Under their famed commander Lipowski, a unit of Francs-Tireurs won national fame and admiration as they stubbornly defended the small town of Châteaudun in October 1870 against a larger professional German force.

The Germans regarded the Francs-Tireurs as bandits loathing them for their guerrilla tactics, and a captured Franc-Tireur faced almost certain execution. 


Thanks again for stopping by the blog - I hope you've enjoyed the new minis. From a painter's perspective, I'd like to add, that the sculptor did a fantastic job, and they are a joy to have under the brushes! More Eagles of Empire Miniatures soon, when I look closer at the newly released Prussian Infantry.


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    1. Thanks Phil - it been quite a journey, but so cool to finally have them on the painting table! Next week, I'll be showcasing the Prussians :0)

  2. Great to see you back on the brushes again! And even better with some reinforcements for your EoE range. From the pictures they look even nicer than the first wave and that already means a lot. I really should get back to my Bavarians...

    1. Thx Nick - hope you're well BTW. I'm already mixing blues and greenish greys to try and nail my own version of a campaign seasoned "cornflower blue" for the South German allies :0)

  3. They are superb in hand as well... wonderful looking models.

    Hopefully we can get a pack with some variant officers (even a mounted one or two) for the units in wave one and two down the road!


    1. Thank you very kindly Rob!
      Mounted officers and historical characters are part of the future product pipeline, so Chanzy, Canrobert, Steinmetz and the rest will be made eternal in 28mm metal portraits;0)

    2. That all sounds great! Some foot officers too to also add variety to units would be great as well

    3. Besides the foot officers already included in the infantry boxes, I've been planning to do some minis inspired by period paintings by Neuville and Detaille. Probably there would be some more foot officers in this batch - but at this point its all about prioritizing and covering a huge scope of new arms/units.

  4. They look great! It is good to see you back posting on your blog! Great paint job as always!

    1. Thx - yeah life caught up with me there for a while, but its nice to finally have time for my hobby again. Speaking of which, I look forward to the naval game on tuesday :0)

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    but its nice to finally have time for my hobby again. Speaking of which, I look forward to the naval game.