Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Happy New Year – projects for 2015

An indication of what's to come in 2015.
"Der Alte Fritz" - Minden Miniatures.

This final blog post of 2014 will be dedicated to a brief look into the hobby year to come. 
These past few weeks have given me plenty of time to index my projects, creating an overview of which projects should be laid down, projects that need to be finished and also reflection on projects I’d like to start in the foreseeable future.

The father of Prussian two-front-war.
Frederick the Great.

At the same time I’ve had a look through my History/Hobby devoted library and chosen a few titles that I felt deserved a read, and would help create additional inspiration for the painting projects in the pipe line. Enough said – here is the list:


French infantry skirmishing 1870.

The Franco-Prussian War (Continued in 2015): This collection is at the very heart of my historical interest. I love this period of German unification and the drama on the French side with the collapse of the Empire, the Commune and the Republican struggle to continue the war against the occupation. It’s a conflict that casts long shadows all the way up to 1914, and perhaps beyond. I’m planning to extend my collection in 28mm, and dare I say, I’ll be making an announcement soon that will interest anyone who is into this period.

Prussian Grenadier, Seven Years War.
Minden Miniatures.

The Seven Years War (Newcomer for 2015): This is the period that got me into painting miniatures. As a young teenager I started out painting Revell’s 1/72 SYW plastics. The time has come to close the circle so to speak, and revive this old interest of mine. I’ve chosen Minden Miniatures' range for the project, with compliments to Richard Ansell’s amazing sculpts, which are in my opinion the finest out there in terms of anatomical and proportionate sculpting. My good friends Jesper and Rickard have a big SYW collection in 28, so by adopting their basing system I hope to add to their ranks and thus get to game quite fast with the minis.

The "Skagerrak" will rage on in 2015
More ships and even Zeppeliners to come!

WW1 Naval – The Battle of Jutland (Continued in 2015): Yes, my love for the crisply sculpted iron clads from the shipyards at GHQ has not diminished, and the collection for this epic sea battle will be expanded in the year to come with additions such as The Seydlitz, The König but also some of Scheer’s Zeppliners will be appearing over the horizon of the North Sea.

Charging Swedish Horse Guards - The Great Northern War.

The Great Northern War (Continued in 2015): This project was started in late 2014, and will be continued in the year to come building on the amazing GNW products coming out of Warfare Miniatures. This collection will be painted as part of a larger club project, anchored in our Stockholm Wargaming Club with participants such as Jesper, Michael and many other skilled people involved. We’re aiming at the Russian Campaign of 1708-09 with battles as Holowczyn, Lesnaya and Poltava as possible games to be explored.

"Nach Paris!" German WW1 Infantryman.

The Great War in 28 mm (Newcomer for 2015): For me this period is a continuation of the epic struggle between France and Germany in 1870-71, and naturally I need to explore this now with the centennial for many of these behemoth battles ringing in with the new year. I plan to focus on the early part of the war with The Battle of the Frontiers, The Battle of Mons and The Battle of the Marne as my primary targets. I will probably mix Mutton Chop Miniatures and Great War Miniatures for this project, paired up with some good books on the subject.

The St. Petersburg Grenadiers paced forward to meet the French.

Borodino 1812 (Continued in 2015): I will continue my work on this the most beautifully uniformed of all wargaming periods. I look very much forward to painting up my Great Redoubt, bought last year from Grandmanner in cast resin, and to continue my work on the wonderful miniatures from Victrix and Perry – Oh, by the way I saw Victrix will be releasing French artillery soon. An evident buy for Salute in April I imagine.

20th Massachusetts - a.k.a The Harvard Regiment.
ACW – Army of the Potomac (Continued in 2015): In 2013 I painted a playable sized Army of Northern Virginia in 28mm for used with the Black Powder rules, all arms included and mayor commanders now finished with the addition of Stonewall. For 2015 I need to switch North and continue my work on the boys in blue. This labour of love will be accompanied by the excellent Pod Cast on the American Civil War hosted by Rich and Tracy. I strongly recommend this Pod Cast for anyone interested in some audible entertainment while painting – they do an amazing and very detailed job. One could say the are the Shelby Footes of Civil War Podcasting.


The House of Krupp, by Peter Batty. Published 1966 by MS & W Ltd London

During the Second World War the RAF unloaded 36.000 tons (!) of bombs on a specific area in Essen no larger than 8 square kilometers. Within this area lay the Krupp works.  A symbol of sublime German engineering, but also of feared and legendary guns such as “Long Max” and “Big Bertha” the House of Krupp offers an insight to the family behind the name, tracing their roots back the 16th century. The Krupp conglomerate was destined to rise to its zenith during the industrial age under Bismarck, the Emperor and later the Third Reich. It’s a fascinating, personal and tragic story of the family, the guns and the business all intertwined into the politics of a turbulent age for Germany and consequently the World. It’s a book I very much look forward to reading.

The Franco-Prussian War 1870-71, Volume 2. After Sedan. By Quintin Barry, published 2006 by Helion & Company.

This brick of a book offers 520 pages on the second part of the war, which saw the formation of a new French Republic in the wake of the Emperor’s capture at Sedan. This new republic’s first act as a government was to renew the declaration of war on the German confederation! Much to Moltke’s dismay, the war would continue as hundred of thousands of French recruits and voluntaries would be drafted and offer legendary resistance in battles such as Coulmiers, Loigny, Belfort and the battles of Orleans. The book also offers complete orbats and a meticulously detailed account of the battles and the politics that shaped this second part of the Franco-Prussian War.

The Battle of The Frontiers, Ardennes 1914; by Terence Zuber. Published 2007 by The History Press in Charleston.

I was tempted to go for the “Guns of August”, but came across this more resent and interesting book on the first battle(s) of the Great War. With my interest in the Franco-Prussian War, I was surprised to see that infantry tactics had not changed dramatically, while artillery and automated fire had improved hundredfold since the days of Gravelotte and Sedan. The consequence of this unbalance would prove fatal to about 700.000 soldiers in the period of august and September 1914, as cavalry and formed infantry charged Vickers guns, and lessons learned would result in the stalemate of the later trench warfare.

Rossbach & Leuthen 1757, by Simon Millar.
Published 2002 by Osprey

The well known format from Osprey’s Campaign range, dealing in this case with these two defining victories of Frederick the Great. No further introduction is needed really. It will be a good read to get into the details on the battles and the orbats, which are always helpful when targeting units to paint.


Republican Romans: I've had to abandon this project, as other things came in the way, and since I'm more or less alone at the club on this period. Thus the collection containing wonderful 28's from Agema have been put up for sale here.

Bolt Action: We played a lot of these games about a year ago, but since then it has been taking the backseat to other projects. I painted two complete forces. One for the French and additionally for the Germans selecting the famous Fallschirmsjägers. For sale here.


With all the above, my painting table seems set for 2015 with projects I look very much forward to initiating or in most cases continue my work on.

I thank you all again for your readership during the past year, and hope to see you again online in 2015.


  1. Sounds like 2015 is going to be a blast - Happy New Year.

    1. Happy New Year Michael, and thanks for your readership in 2014!

  2. Looking forward on the new post on your coming and continued projects. I have an special interest in your GNW project :) Happy new year! :)

    1. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to the release of the Warfare GNW range!
      Just finished the Peter From book on Poltava on audiobook, and I'm eagerly awaiting kick off for painting the infantry. Thanks for following my work in 2014!

      Happy New Year!

  3. Great looking projects for 2015, Soren. I look forward to seeing them in the new year - particularly the FPW works. I'm totally undecided on projects for the coming year myself. Happy New 2015! Dean

    1. Thanks Dean, 2015 will be special for me in terms of the Franco-Prussian project, and perhaps for anyone else interested in this period. If you've got a clean slate for the coming year, I suggested you plunge into the joys of 1870-71 :0)

      Happy New Year!

  4. Great looking project list! I must say your ACW and SYW attract a special interest for me and if I ever do Naps Borodino would be my choice as well.


    1. Cheers Christopher - it will be fantastic to finally return to the SYW after all these years. The Minden range is something special and will be a treat to paint.
      I'd very much like to see a Borodino project for your skilled hands, but projects are plenty I suspect :0)

      Happy New Year!

  5. Sounds like you will have a great 2015 and I look forward to follow your projects. Happy new year! /Mattias

    1. Happy New Year Mattias, and thanks for your readership in the past year. I hope 2015 will hold more opportunities for some good games in Solberga!

  6. Thank you, Soren, for publishing such an interesting blog with beautiful photos and well told history.

    Your 2015 projects hold great interest to me on many fronts and I await seeing their progression.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year Jonathan, it's a privilege to write and post on the blog with supportive readers like yourself. Onwards and upwards in 2015!

  7. Greate post Sören ! Looking forward to see how your 2015 will turn out and I hope for lots of gaming.

    I also very interested in your upcomming "announcment" ;)

    Hope to see much of the GMW projet, I will try to make my contribution to that to:)

    1. Thanks Michael, and the same to you buddy! Plenty of good games ahead of us in 2015 no doubt! Looking forward to the GNW project, we'll keep each other motivated and get there with the collection I'm sure. Meanwhile, I was happy to hear that Mark will join in the Håtuna project :0) Lets throw some dice soon!

  8. Have a happy new year and I'm eagerly awaiting to see more of your great brushwork in the coming year.

    1. The same to you M, and thanks for your comments and visits in the past year!

      Happy New Year!

  9. Happy New Year!!!

    I am still painting some 28's that I will get done before the end of 2014 so I still have one more good post before the end of this year. Oh I am joining the Håtunaleken club project! So I will be doing some painting for the games soon!

    Looking forward to seeing more great painted miniatures from you in 2015!
    Also I look forward to playing some fun games as well!!


    1. I'm happy to hear that you'll be joining the håtuna project Mark, get in touch with Michael and he can help you with choosing what nobel family to represent, and the corresponding activation cards.

      The Zeppeliners are receiving their paint job at the moment, so we're off to the North Sea shortly looking for the 6th US battle squadron:0)

      Looking forward to some good games in 2015!

  10. I'd suggest hanging onto your WW2 toys. Rules come and go, and something will turn up soon ;-)
    In the meantime, we can exchange notes on GNW, 1812, and WW1 at the very least...

    1. Yeah, you're probably right Stephen! GNW, 1812 and WW1... you should move to Stockholm ;0) Happy New Year to all of you down there on the "German appendix", Jutland!

  11. Great projects here! 1870 and the 20th Massachussets seem to be my favourites....Happy New Year Sören!

    1. Thanks Phil, I hope to supply more tempting reasons to get into 1870 in 28mm soon :0) Meanwhile, thanks for your readership and many kind comments over the past year!

  12. Happy New Year and I'm looking forward to your new projects!


    1. Happy New Year to you too Peter, and thanks for the kind comment!

  13. Thanks for mentioning the podcast, Soren! We look forward to seeing your Army of the Potomac figures, as well as all your other wonderful 2015 projects.

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